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Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, give me something PINK to eat!

Gingerbread cookies... with a bone chilling twist! (AKA... white royal icing)
A White Russian... with a bloody mess! (AKA Grenadine)

Spidery Meatballs...
(Aka meatballs rolled in cheese... olive piece eyes and crispy wonton legs)

Caprese...that stares back at you... (aka.. olive eyes)

A frightful table scape... get creative!
Pull out the fake spiderwebs and anything creepy you can find at your neighborhood arts and crafts store... your guests will be impressed!

Deadly chocolate pudding... with a dirty topping!
(AKA Chocolate pudding, smashed oreos... grab a cookie and some frosting... a teeny flower is the final touch!)

Creepy crawly!!!
(AKA Chocolate cookies, truffles, peanut butter cups
and some licorice should do the trick)

Mummies!!! (AKA hot dog wrapped in pastry dough... 2 peppercorns = eyes)

What could be more exciting for your guests than a self serve candy bar!
What a fun way to give out those treats on Halloween!

Your Something Pink Girls

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