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Friday, October 2, 2009

A crazy, fun POLE PARTY idea!

Stuck on fun, inexpensive bachelorette party ideas?? Don't worry ladies... the pink girls are here the to rescue! What sounds better than a big sleepover with your closest friends and bridesmaids??! Pink drinks, Sex and the City, lots of munchies and a POLE DANCING INSTRUCTOR! A weekend in Vegas can easily run each bridesmaid $1000 for the weekend. HELLOO in this economy thats not even an option for most! For a couple hundred bucks you can hire two pole dancing instructors who actually bring the pole and entertainment to your great is that?!

This doesn't have to be a raunchy event... just a fun night with your girls and a hysterical memory! A GREAT WORKOUT and a great way to make your husband-to-be totally jealous and wish he was there!

xx your pink girls!

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