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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I woof you!

Want to include your furry family member on your big day?? Why not!

Just some tips to help things go smoothly...

1. Make sure your venue ALLOWS pets... there is no bigger bummer than finding out Fido isn't allowed to come on the day of...
2. Puppy Transportation... find someone to be in charge of bringing your little woofer and taking him back home after the party.
3. Put someone in charge of keeping an eye on your little one(s) during the wedding... nothing worse than worrying about your dog while you are saying your I DOs!!
4. This brings us to our next point... Who's watching the puppy when the MR. & MRS. go on their honeymoon??? Make sure you have a pet-sitter or a boarding facility ready for your furry friend!!

Just a few PINK thoughts from your Something Pink Girls xoxo

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