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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Who says you have to spend, spend, spend to have a million dollar wedding?!?!
Look at this VERY CHIC but CHEAP idea!

Carnations are not our personal favorite when it comes to flowers... but turn those carnations into stylish pomanders, and viola! You've got yourself a stylish and economical alternative to roses, hydrangeas and stephanotis!

Simply placing them on the table can do the trick! Modern and Minimalistic!
Incorporate HIGHS and lows by adding clear glass vases for every other arrangement... tie some satin ribbon around the base of the vase and PRESTO! We love this look!
The great thing about these carnation pomanders is you can literally make them any color of the rainbow.... can't find your color??? No worries!! That's what dye is for! YUP! You can have these carnation "balls" dyed to the color of your liking! It's that simple!
Look at this simple white pomander! We love this look! A beautiful stainless base! Done and done!
And at last... add a little bit of bling to take the this look to the next step! HEART THIS!!!
Just a fun reminder that you don't have to break the bank to make your dream of the perfect day come true!

Let the Something Pink Girls plan your next party! You won't regret it!
Stay PINK!!!

Nicky & Erika

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