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Monday, October 12, 2009

Some nice bridesmaid gowns... suggestions compliments of your Something Pink Girls Team!

Ahh... Your bridesmaids will be so appreaciative ... not to mention, won't try to get you back at their wedding!
Simple shilouettes. Clean lines.
Your goal should be to compliment each girls shape...

As long as your fabrics match... you can change up the style for each girl depending on her figure and her comfort level.

You might also want to try to incorporate different colors of the wedding...
Everyone knows that the bride is the shining star of the event... but make sure your bridesmaids don't feel awkward or uncomfortable at your wedding.
We know that its hard to resist a bargain, especially these days with budgets being tight... get creative... let your girls all wear black gowns... pick the fabric ... let them pick the gowns... (with your guidelines of course) OR pick three styles and fabrics / colors you like... let each bridesmaid pick her own within your choices... this makes for a much happier group of girls. Tons of designers are branching out and making the process of picking bridesmaid gowns SO much easier.

Take Vera Wang for example - her bridesmaid gowns are SURPRISINGLY affordable and most gowns/ dresses come in a multitude of colors in addition to shapes. Fabrications are the same, which gives your girls options within her line. Not to mention PRICE options...

At the end of the day... no one says YOU HAVE to pick gowns that the girls can and will wear again... but, a nice thing to do is pick something that isn't overly dramatic.
Just a little tip!
The Something Pink Girls

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