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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OUR newest contributor... ITS A BOY!!

Whomever said that you HAVE to be a chick to read our blog is totally mistaken.

Ahhhhheeeemmm!!! Read below... Can't wait to hear everyones thoughts!

xo The Pink Girls

PS.... We figured the pic of the BEER would grab the guys attention ;)

(good thinkin'... we know)

To:            The Engaged Males

From:            Thomas Crown (a husband and former engaged male)

First of all, if you are a guy who in between checking the scores on ESPN.COM and checking the availability on the website of your local golf course for weekend tee times and you just happen to decide to check in on the web destination SOMETHINGPINKGIRLS.COM you’ve got some serious issues!! 

On the other hand, if your potential wife has asked you to checkout the site to see a cake, flower arrangement, etc. and you have pretended to be happy to do so—so that later in the week when you do leave to go play golf you have the quote “I spent time on that wedding site, I deserve golf time” in your pocket and ready to go….all I can say is well done my friend, you are ahead of the curve.

Consider me your savior, in that you can get some fiancĂ© points for checking out a wedding site, while also being tutored by yours truly, to enhance your currently engaged IQ and hopefully allow you to make it through the chaos of your engagement and wedding planning—while hopefully still being on good terms with the lady that you gave that nice ring and asked to marry you.

My qualifications are nearly irrelevant, other than to say that I am happily married and meanwhile you are CLUELESS. For reference, when the movie HITCH was produced, I was consulted regularly to teach Will Smith how to operate….when George Clooney wakes up in the morning, he checks with me first…I gave Valentine his wings so he could fly with ease…and when the DOS EQUIS commercials are produced and they are describing the most interesting man in the world, that are talking about ME!


Today’s lesson will be VERY important….when selecting the color of the napkins for your rehearsal dinner always lean towards pastel’s….just kidding, not about the color but about this tip--needed to make sure that you are paying attention!! When asked about what color for napkins, your inside voice will say, WHO CARES, your outside voice will say “that’s nice” for the first option, “that’s OK” for the second choice, then the ever important third choice, “that’s the one” which will imply you are concentrating. Meanwhile, you will soon realize your opinion DOES NOT MATTER in this department. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with you being interested and/or wanting to contribute with some of these items, but just that you are powerless and should instead decide to focus your efforts on things wherein you are granted the right to have an opinion. Guy category number one, negotiating. Or as George Castanza would say, NEG-OOO-SHIAAT-ING. This is when he and Jerry were trying to get a pilot deal done with NBC and George actually some how got the offer to decrease in value.

One, if you are not familiar with this Seinfeld reference, you are lame. Two, if you are, DO NOT BE GEORGE. Have your fiancĂ© get the first offer on any service be that DJ, flowers, balloons, ANYTHING….then you follow-up and open with “we are sooooo excited to be working with you, but unfortunately you are a little out of our price range,” followed by, “if you could do it for [fill in the blank, no less than 30% less] we could get started today.” They will reduce their fee! If they don’t, move on! This one moron does not have the worldwide exclusive rights to chocolate melon balls, despite what they may imply.


Keep in mind this has nothing to do with being cheap, it has to do with getting a fair deal. One individual item of your wedding is not necessarily a huge purchase, but all together for the entire event it probably is one of the larger “purchases” that you or your family will make. And for an equivalent product of this type value, e.g. a compact or mid-size car, a time-share, or a new Gulfstream (if you are a Saudi Price), you would of course NEGOTIATE! Over the course of your nuptials $500 here and there can add up to a significant amount that you could otherwise spend on important things like a beer tap for your living room, a flat-screen TV for your bathroom, or couples therapy. A skilled wedding planner will also be able to take care of these vendor situations to get you a great deal….hmmmmm, who could plan your wedding?

This probably occurred to you about a paragraph ago, that I AM oddly knowledgeable and you are starting to like me…thinking of me as your buddy…well don’t….you are the definition of JV and I am WAY out of your league. With that said, if you are still reading, it means you are open to learn and you are ALRIGHT with me. So stay tuned and maybe we will meet again.

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