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Monday, September 28, 2009

Engaged? Want to get engaged? Want to propose? Scared??? HAHAHA! No worries... Some Diamond education on stones that don't suck!

Whether you like Pear shaped, Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Rounds, Cushion or the plethora of other shapes... We thought we would give some PINK girl pointers on some classic cuts, with both MODERN and VINTAGE inspired settings!

Girls... direct your men to this blog post and the one that will be posted right after...
Although a more mature cut, a pear shaped diamond can be really amazing if set properly... Think SKINNY micro -pave band both around the stone in addition to the band
Radiant cut diamonds have recently become pretty popular...
These stones look great when set as a classic white gold or platinum solitaire OR set with Trillions or baguettes on either side.
Classic. Elegant. The Emerald cut. OH how we love this stone! Amazing and beautiful just set alone in white gold or platinum... amazing with baguettes and amazing set in a micro pave setting.
Ahhhh ... the cushion!
Cushion cut diamonds are VERY sparkly people! Such a beautiful cut, and so fun!
This stone looks great when set as a solitaire.
The Asscher cut. A pink girl favorite. This stone looks amazing set by itself OR set in a micro pave setting. A classic look, vintage inspired. Love love love. These stones are very rare and difficult to find... but when you do... you swoon!

While the classic Tiffany & co. round stone with 8 prongs is what a lot of guys go for... let them know that you will be wearing this ring every day for the rest of your life... or at least until you upgrade. SO make sure to be a part of the process and let them know what you want... because it's A LOT easier to tell someone you hate the marquis cut stone set in yellow gold with half moon accents BEFORE ...

For the most part, guys are clueless and need a little help!

Your Pink Girls

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