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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A fun and EASY way to change up your look!!

All the celebrities are doing it... why shouldn't you?

Hair Extensions have been around forever , and we LOVE the idea of changing your look without having to fork over thousands of dollars every other month for permanent (hair damaging) extensions.

Want to look different for your special event?

Check out "CLIP IN" hair extensions. These pictures are different looks achieved by the popular "Hair Do" line of extensions by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson, but similar REAL HUMAN HAIR clip in extensions are also available at the Hair Shop in Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd. for a fraction of the cost. For around 120 dollars, you get 7 pieces that are different sizes and they custom match it to blend it with your own hair!

I have personally been using them for years... and we will let you in our our little secret... BOTH Erika and I used them for our PINK PHOTO SHOOT... so great and so easy!!!

A tip ... if you are too scared to take scissors to them yourself, take them to your hair stylist and have them blended and shaped into your own hair. I cut mine so that they would blend in with my own layers and no one can tell they are in.

It takes a bit of practice... but once you get it, you will become hooked. Long locks that you can curl or straighten and NO DAMAGE to your own head! Love it!!!

Your Pink Girls

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