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Monday, August 2, 2010

Break with Tradition... say it with FRUIT or CANDLES...

Sometimes it's really fun to break with tradition and wow your guests with different and totally unique centerpieces. We stumbled upon these pictures and couldn't resist posting them for you to be inspired!

Using fruit as a substitute or addition to your centerpieces can add a splash of color in addition to a fun twist on the usual / same old, same old.

Candles becoming the focal point of your table can make a large event or party seem intimate and cozy as well as romantic. Think about switching it up next time. Fun trick / cost effective way to intigrate candles... purchase white or off white non scented pillar candles in different sizes... 3 inch, 5 inch, 9 inch.... use satin ribbon (colors to match your event) and wrap the ribbon around the top, the center or the base of your candles. Hold in place with hot glue with hot glue gun. Purchase beads or crystals for seam. Glue over seam and BINGO! Gorgeous!

Let us know your thoughts! Send us pics of your own DIY experiments! We'd love to see them!


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