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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From one PINK girl to the next... REAL WEDDINGS... Something Pink Girls WEDDING DAY

People keep asking for my wedding pictures... so I picked a few of my favorites!

This is Erika and her love RIGHT after she CAUGHT the bouquet! (NO, we swear this wasn't planned!!! She actually caught it!!) The picture below the one of Erika and her love is her hugging me ... I just really love it! It makes me smile! My dress is so big you can't even see her!

This is perhaps my favorite captured moment of the night... us dancing ... LOVE this picture! And I still LOVE my gown!!

Yes... I decided to be a brunette for the wedding... 
(Looking back... I think I should have stuck to the blonde...) 

So... this was my Wedding Day! Yep, that's me... the bride (Nicky) and that handsome guy is my husband!!

Some Wedding Day advice from your PINK GIRL BRIDE/Wedding Planner...

1. Don't sweat the small stuff... I know that EVERYTHING leading up to your big day can seem like TOTAL DRAMA. Relax! Honestly, something I will tell you, and something Erika and I tell all of our brides, it's just not worth it! Erika and I encounter all kinds of drama with our brides and their respective families, we do our best to make sure things don't get back to the bride, but inevitably, things happen, a family member calls, a person cancels at the last minute, someone asks if they can bring an extra person... in the grand scheme of things, keeping your sanity is the most important. If you don't have Erika and I planning your big day, make sure that whomever IS helping you, fields all dramatic situations so that you can relax and enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

2. If something goes wrong...  OH WELL! (I know this seems ridiculous... but honestly, so not worth it!) On my day (yes the same one pictured in this post...) the florist (who shall remain nameless) decided he wanted to decorate on his terms... I showed up and looked at the arch and thought I was at the wrong wedding. (AND I DO THIS FOR A LIVING) While the flowers were beautiful, they weren't what we talked about for the months leading up to my big day, nor where they ANYTHING close to what we had agreed upon. Ce la vie! At the end of the day, the only ones who knew anything was wrong, were the bride and the groom. Crisis averted, they are only flowers! This is why I strongly recommend you have a team like Erika and myself to help you with your big day! We meet with all of your vendors beforehand and make sure that everything is the way it should be! We also come prepared with our team the day of to make sure that your day is not only GORGEOUS, but as flawless and memorable as possible.

3. HAVE FUN! So many people forget to relax and just have a good time. You have one day! One day, that goes by in a blink of an eye. Enjoy and relish in every second you have on your wedding day. The PINK GIRLS make sure that all of our brides have that special attention on their big day... a "lady in waiting" will literally be at your beck and call throughout your wedding day. She will arrive in the morning, and help you with anything and everything you could possibly think of! Without being disruptive to your day, or in the way, your lady in waiting will make sure you eat while you are getting ready, run any last minute errands, pick up anything you might have forgotten and put your mind at ease to help you enjoy your special day! It's our PINK GIFT to you on your wedding day!

4. Hold off on the booze... We all love a good cocktail. (Erika and I are experts!!) But, keep in mind that getting tossed before you say I DO... will make for some KNARLY pictures. (Sorry, there is no eloquent way to say that) Keep your drinking to a minimum and party it up when the party gets going! (You should also keep this in mind for your rehearsal dinner... no one wants puffy eyes ... make sure you tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen!!)  If Erika and I are planning your big day... we will make sure to quietly police your bridal party... everyone will have a great time... but will wake up bright eyed and bushy-tailed for your big day!

5. Get all important documents ready a week before the big day! Going on your honeymoon the next morning? You would be AMAZED to find out how many people FORGET things that seem logical... from expired passports, to forgetting plane tickets, to lost drivers licenses to forgetting the marriage license... THINK PINK!!! Get everything you need in order before the big day, and give these documents to someone to hold safe for you so nothing gets lost! People tend to get a bit stressed before their weddings and things not only get misplaced, but things are often forgotten. If you hire the PINK GIRLS, we ensure that all documentation is in order and waiting for you in the honeymoon suite the night of your wedding in addition to all legal marriage documents which will be kept safe and handed to your officiant on your big day ... and will be kept safe right after everything is signed and ready to go... 

Just a few tips to help you enjoy your big day!

If you want us to coordinate your wedding, send us an email WE WOULD LOVE to get the chance to meet with you and discuss the possibility of planning your perfect day!


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