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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bride on a budget?

Okay, okay... So we all know that the economy is not so happening these days. 
This can really put a damper on a wedding. 
Never fear! The PINK GIRLS are here! (That totally rhymed!)
We found a solution! (Actually, two!!)

There is a fabulous website out there called "Sell Your Wedding Dress dot Com" For around 30 dollars you can sell your wedding gown to other brides out there! And it actually works. A member of the PINK GIRLS staff sold her custom Melissa Sweet gown and veil (which she spent over 10 thousand dollars on) for around 2 thousand dollars on the website in two weeks! 

What is great about this service is ... if you fall in LOVE with a designer but can't afford it... check out this website. Chances are... you will find it in great condition. 

Some of you out there might be slightly weary of wearing a gown that is "slightly used" ... but honestly girls... think about it! Most of these gowns have been worn ONE TIME for like... 6 hours!!! If you can save yourself a few thousand dollars ... WHY NOT?!?

Just a suggestion from your PINK girls ;)

PS... A great idea for a bride on a budget is to make the rounds to all of her favorite bridal boutiques and check SAMPLE SALE dates...
 Try on what you can BEFORE the sale...
It's always smart to know exactly what you want BEFORE you walk into a sample sale with a bunch of crazed bridezillas to be!!
 (It also helps to know how the sample fits your body before you purchase)
 Those sample sale gowns might be a great deal... but a lot of people don't factor in how CRAZY expensive alteration fees can be!!  Not to mention the fact that SAMPLE SALE purchases are FINAL SALES... 

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